antinal nifuroxzide 200 mg

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antinal nifuroxzide 200 mg

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  • Brand: antinal nifuroxzide
  • Country of manufacture: Egypt
  • Size: 24 capsules
  • Type: Capsules

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Indications for use:

Antinal is used for capsul addition to treating acute diarrhea from bacterial infection in children over the age of two.

Take into account the adherence to the appropriate diet for cases of diarrhea and treatment of dehydration according to the patient’s condition and the length of the treatment period.

What is the important information that you must know before taking this medicine?

• Consult your physician before taking Antinal, if your doctor has previously informed you that you suffer from an intolerance to some types of sugars.


• If you suffer from sensitivity to nitrofur compounds or to any of the ingredients of this medicine.
• If the patient was premature or did not reach the age of one month until the age of two.

General and special warnings:

Consult your doctor immediately in the following cases:

• In the recurrence of bouts of diarrhea more than 6 times a day or continued for more than 24 hours, or diarrhea is accompanied by weight loss, and the attending physician decides if it is necessary to treat dehydration by mouth.
• In the event of a high body temperature or vomiting.
• If blood or bloody mucus appears in the stool.

Usage warnings:

• The patient should take this medicine as decided by the doctor and prepare an oral rehydration solution according to the doctor’s orders and follow his recommendations for healthy eating, especially taking into account the recommendations, including milk and dairy products.
• Inform the attending physician if you suffer from any liver disease, epilepsy, or ailments from which you are suffering. You should also inform the attending physician if you are pregnant.


For children over the age of 2:
  • 4 capsules 3 times daily.
  • Take into account that the treatment period does not exceed 7 consecutive days.

Side effects of this drug:

• Sensitivity of the skin in the form of a rash and urticaria (the symptoms of which are sudden swelling in places on the body, usually in the face, tongue and neck).

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