APIFORTYL 30 Caps Multivitamin Supplements

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APIFORTYL 30 Caps Multivitamin Supplements

47.25 EGP

  • Brand: Apifortil
  • Country of manufacture: Egypt
  • Size: 30 capsules
  • Type: Capsules
  • Royal jelly extract
  • Vitamins and Minerals To overcome fatigue and return to activity
wws ارغب بالشراء عبر الواتساب



each capsule contains : 

  • vitamin a 2000 i.u
  • vitamin B1 – nitrate 2 mg
  • vitamin B2 1 mg
  • vitamin b6 1 mg
  • vitamin b12 1 mg
  • nicotinc acid amide 10 mg
  • calcium pantothenate 10 mg
  • vitamin c 25 mg
  • vitamin d3  500 i.u
  • vitamin e-acetate 5 mg
  • copper sulphate 0.21

royal jelly concentrate : 

  • biopterin 10 mg
  • 10-hydroxy – decennoic acid 27 mg

propeties :

apifortyl is a multivitamin product containing the special ingredients biopterin and 10-hydroxy – decenoic , wich are abtained from the royal jelly produced bu bees

apifortyl fully covers the daily vitamin requirements are increased

indications :

prevention and treatment of : 

  • all conditions of mineral and vitamin deficieny
  • during pragnancy and lactation
  • fatigue and exhustion
  • convalescance and adolescence
  • malnutrition
  • senility

dosage :

  • unless otherwise prescriibed by the physician , take 1 capsule daily for prophylaxis and 2-3 capsules daily for treatment purposes
  • the capsules should be swallowed with some liquid before or during meals

side effects :

  • no side effects have been reported


  • contraindications are known

special instructions :

  • do not store above =30c keep dry

this is a medicament

  • medicament is a product which affects your health , and its consumption contraru to instructions is dangerous for you
  • follow strictly the doctors prescription , the method of use and the insstructions of the pharmacit who sold the medicament
  • the doctor and the pharmacist are experts in medicine , its benefits and risks
  • do not by yourself interrupt the period of treatment prescribed for you
  • do not repeat the same prescription whithout  consulting your doctor
  • keep all medicines out of the reach of children

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