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Brand: Beesline

Product: Roll-on deodorant to lighten the skin

Country of Origin: France

Size: 50ml

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Beesline deodorant cotton candy roll on, Most women suffer from the problem of darkening of sensitive areas, especially the area between the thighs, the bikini area, the armpits. And looking for a quick and effective solution to solve this problem and unify the color of the entire body, Beesline has introduced Beesline products to lighten sensitive and dark areas of the body, and these products have won the admiration of all women and girls.

Beesline is a natural beauty laboratory based on the principle of apitherapy (bee treatment) and its rich resources: honey, beeswax, royal jelly, bee propolis, as well as fresh plant extracts, to take care of your skin in a safe and effective way.

We offer the consumer an effective alternative to chemical cosmetics, which negatively affect the skin and harm the human body in the long run.

Roll-on deodorant for skin whitening

A safe and innovative roll-on formula that guarantees 48 hours of protection against perspiration. It combats unpleasant odors, absorbs sweat and calms the skin, as well as lightening and unifying its color. For lighter and more refreshed skin under the arms.

Features of Beesline deodorant cotton candy roll on:

  • Provides 48 hour protection against perspiration
  • Fights bad odors
  • Absorbs sweat and soothes the skin
  • It brightens the skin and unifies its color
  • Roll-on deodorant ingredients to lighten the skin
  • Alum stone, Lumiskin, Tefloz, lactic acid, wheat germ oil, lactic acid salt, aloe Vera, olive leaf, parsley and propolis.
  • It also contains propolis, which is a resin that bees collect from tree buds. Propolis has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.
  • It is used in wound healing, sore throat and foot fungus, and for daily care of teeth and gums. It also acts as an anti-dandruff
  • It also contains tefloz, a natural compound of sugars, that prevents the appearance of unpleasant odors while preserving the skin environment.
  • It prevents odor-causing bacteria from sticking and acts as a defensive barrier against bacteria.
  • Free of aluminum chloride, colorants, alcohol, hydroquinone, kojic acid, parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, silicone or any substances of animal origin (except bee products).

How to use Beesline deodorant cotton candy roll on:

  • Apply a thin layer on clean, dry skin.
  • Leave to dry before getting dressed.
  • Reapply after exercise or bathing.

Warnings for using Beesline deodorant cotton candy roll on:

  • Consult a dermatologist before using the product if you have a medical condition or disease.
  • Do not use Roll-On Skin Lightening Deodorant if its seal is missing or broken.
  • Store away from heat or high temperatures.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Beesline deodorant cotton candy roll on:

  • To purchase a Roll On Deodorant for skin whitening, contact us via the website or contact our customer service via the hotline 19004 for requests or inquiries, and they will provide you with more details.
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