Bioderma Sunblock Pigmentbio Daily Care SPF50+

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Bioderma Sunblock Pigmentbio Daily Care SPF50+

539.00 EGP

  • Production of Bioderma, France.
  • 40 ml sunscreen cream for daily protection.
  • Prevents the uneven skin color.
  • Protects your skin from developing dark spots and/or grey and dark appearance.
  • Protects your skin against skin diseases such as skin cancer.
  • When applied, stables instantly and coherently with your skin.
  • No greasy appearance.
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Bioderma Sunblock Pigmentbio Daily Care SPF50+ is one of the best sunscreens ever produced, it will help protect your skin immediately once applied, it will reduce the feeling of irritation and the probability of sunburn will be terminated.

Using sunscreen has been a priority now that comes first and before treating your skin. The skin is the most important characteristic of everyone’s appearance, and we are all concerned about the sun harmful impact on our skin in two ways, the health of the skin and staying away from diseases, in addition to the appearance and texture of the skin.

And it is essential if you’re undergoing a current skin care treatment plan.

Help protect your skin against serious illnesses and maintain a great complexion and appearance of your skin. Choose the pigmentbio line as it comes with a unique character to inhibit the hyper-production of melanin to avoid dark spots and reduce old ones.

Properties and Uses of Bioderma Sunblock Pigmentbio SPF50+ :

  • Bioderma Pigmentbio SPF50+ sunscreen is what you need to protect your skin and enhance the efficacy of the beauty and skin care products.
  • But, it is not just about the appearance, maintaining a good health is the main priority.
  • Being exposed to the sunlight can develop the worst of all diseases, skin cancer!
  • Especially, if you’re exposed for ling times and at noon times, or may be when you’re on vacation and going for swimming.
  • It is absolute importance to maintain your skin protected and block the penetration of the harmful sunrays to your skin.
  • Bioderma sunscreen  is the best sunscreen for oily skin, it is resistant to water, sweat and sebum, and does not make the skin look greasy.
  • If you are following a skin treatment plan, remember that mostly it will contain peeling or scrubbing the skin, which will always affect the outer protecting skin layer, in that case, you must use the sunscreen for daily protection.
  • If you have a sensitive skin, acne, or acne-prone skin, then you also must use sunscreen for daily protection.
  • The sunscreen will help reduce the melanin production, in order to reduce and treat the dark spots in your skin.
  • Bioderma pigmentbio 50+ sunscreen is also suitable for children.
  • Maintain your skin health at its outmost, and gain an important privilege by keeping the beautiful and bright appearance of your skin.
  • It can work as a make-up base amazingly.

Usage Instruction of Bioderma Sunblock Pigmentbio Daily Care SPF50+ :

  • Cleanse the skin first then dry.
  • Apply in circular motion until the cream becomes coherently looking with your skin.
  • After applying the cream, wait 10 to 20 minutes before exposing your skin to the sun.


  • If you are suffering from a specific dermatological condition, consult your dermatologist first.

Bioderma Sunblock Review:

  • Anti-dark spot and anti-marks efficacy: 96%
  • Prevents the reappearance of dark spots: 96%.
  • Evens tone and brightens complexion: 91%

Pigmentbio Daily Care SPF50+ Sunscreen

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