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110.00 EGP

  • Serum with shea butter for straightening and conditioning hair.
  • Protects hair from sunlight.
  • It softens and smoothes the hair.
  • Protects hair from infections and itching.
  • Treats the scalp from dandruff.
  • It does not contain any harmful chemicals.
  • Ever pure production.
  • 150 ml.
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Ever Pure Serum with Shea Butter Extract works to moisturize the hair. It contains Shea Butter extract which treats and moisturizes the scalp and prevents scalp infections. When owners of curly and coarse hair use shea butter, it maintains moisture in their hair and increases its softness.

Shea butter helps in increasing hair growth, as it contains many vitamins that help nourish hair from roots to ends.

The serum soothes the scalp and protects it from dandruff.

Designed in America and packed in the Arab Republic of Egypt by Extra mix Cosmetics

Advantages of ever pure hair serum

  • Ever Pure Serum with Shea Butter extracts soothes and softens hair.
  • It nourishes the scalp because it contains multiple vitamins that increase the health of hair.
  • It contains anti-inflammatory that protects the scalp from itching.
  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • Shea butter contains fatty acids that maintain hair moisture.
  • Shea butter moisturizes the hair and prevents the signs of graying.
  • Provides hair with nutrients.
  • Shea butter helps restore this lost moisture from the hair.
  • Silicone free.
  • Does not contain sulfur or sulfates.
  • Protects hair from harmful sun rays.
  • Free from any harmful chemicals.

Benefits of shea butter for hair

  • Shea butter treats hair loss.
  • It contains anti-inflammatory that protects the scalp from itching.
  • It contains many essential nutrients that in turn improve the scalp and hair health.
  • Treat hair loss.
  • Strengthens hair, because it contains vitamin A and vitamin E.
  • Shea butter softens hair, as well as revitalizes brittle hair.
  • Shea Butter helps soothe a dry, itchy scalp.

The components

Ever Pure Serum with Shea Butter Extract consists of an excellent combination of active hair nourishing substances, the most important of which is Shea Butter, which treats the scalp and rejuvenates the hair because it contains various vitamins and anti-inflammatory.

How to use ever pure serum for damaged hair

  • After shampooing, spray evenly over towel-dried hair.
  • Let it dry.
  • For perfect shine and perfect styling, spray hair again.
  • You do not need to rinse hair after use.

Price of ever pure hair serum in Egypt

Its price is 110 جنيه مصري and it is available in all branches of Elite pharmacies, and shipping is available to all governorates.

For better results, you can also use the complete set of Ever Pure with Shea Butter extract, consisting of:

Instructions when using Ever Pure Serum to nourish hair

  • It is not recommended to use Ever Pure Serum with Shea Butter for those under 12 years old.
  • This product is suitable for all hair types.
  • Consult a dermatologist before using the product if you have any sensitivity to the product ingredients.
  • If you suffer from a specific skin disease or medical condition, you should consult your doctor.
  • Store away from heat or high temperatures.
  • Keep ever pure serum with shea butter extract out of children’s reach.

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