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Brand: Hera Charisma

Product: Hera Charisma Chorus Protein

Size: 125 ml 250 ml 250 gm 75 ml

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Hera karissma Protein kit Course (Do not use for those under 6 years old)

Because our children are our most valuable asset and because their health means a lot to all mothers, that is why the first specialized therapeutic hair brand for children was established by the largest professor of pediatrics and dermatology in the Arab world.


Hera karissma products are designed to keep children’s hair healthy and soft, away from harmful chemicals that cause a lot of problems for the sensitive hair and scalp of children.


We have developed the protein and it has become medicinal, which means that it is completely safe for children, 100%, and very effective.

Charisma course protein hair straightener is completely free of zero% formaldehyde.

It is specially made for curly hair with its charming effect during the first session.

Features of Hera karissma Protein kit Course:

  • The course is medical and 100% completely safe for hair.
  • Karisma course protein hair straightener is completely free of formalin.
  • The course is specially made to straighten curly hair from the first session.
  • The course is intended for children over 6 years old.
  • The chorus is made from natural materials.
  • The course contains marine collagen, ginseng extract, rosemary and pumpkin.
  • Hera Charisma Chorus Protein components.
  • Marine collagen.
  • The ginseng extract.
  • And Rose Marie.
  • Butternut squash.

Ways to use Hera karissma Protein kit Course:

Wash the hair with Heracharisma shampoo and rinse with water three times to ensure that there are no greasy residues on your child’s hair.
Dry hair with cold air, making sure it is completely dry.
Divide the hair according to its length into three sections.
The protein is distributed using a brush prepared from the roots to the ends of the ends.
Leave protein on the hair for one to two hours.
The hair is pressed using thermal ceramic at a temperature not less than 235 ° C.
Leave the hair for at least an hour, then wash it with lukewarm water, apply a charisma mask and spread it well on the hair from the roots to the ends, then rinse after 5-10 minutes.
Hair should be re-straightened with a hairdryer or thermal ceramic.

The course is not used for those under six years old

Consult a dermatologist before using the product in case you suffer from a specific disease or medical condition.

Do not use Hera Charisma Chorus Protein if its seal is missing or broken.

Use Warnings for Hera karissma Protein kit Course:

  • Store away from heat or high temperatures.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


  • To purchase Hera karissma Protein kit Course, contact us via the website or contact our customer service via the hotline 19004 for requests or inquiries, and they will provide you with. more details.
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