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229.00 EGP

Brand: Nano Treat

Product: Nanotreat Hair Serum

Size: 100ml

Country of Origin: Egypt

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Nano Treat anti-hair loss serum 100ml

Many women suffer due to various hair problems such as hair loss resulting from the use of harmful products, genetic hair loss, the presence of voids in the scalp, and other diseases such as alopecia, in addition to other common problems such as coarse hair, lack of density, brittleness, brittleness, lack of thickness and dryness.

These problems put women under psychological pressure because they like to look radiant all the time, so all the ladies all over the world are looking for a suitable solution for all these problems, but at the same time women are also looking for products that are not harmful to the hair and scalp because most of the available products contain On industrial chemicals that cause a lot of problems for hair

Therefore, Nanotreat products appeared to solve this problem for women through their products rich in materials that are safe for their hair and effective results at the same time, making women always radiant, younger, and more confident in themselves.

Nano Treat anti-hair loss serum 100ml:

  • Use the Nano Treat Serum to treat hair loss and increase the length and density of hair thanks to its ingredients that contain very small particles of caffeine and keratin that increase absorption inside the hair follicle and inside the entire hair.
  • A German formula that contains caffeine, exclusive hair-strengthening vitamins, natural oils, vitamin B, biotin, and keratin.
  • NANOTREAT is manufactured with the latest liposomal medical technology that increases the effectiveness of the active substances up to 5 times.
  • NANOTREAT Serum increases hair length by 5 times more than normal and its texture increases the ability to manage hair in an easier way.
  • NANOTREAT Serum works to treat frizzy hair and increase the moisture content in the hair

Features of Nano Treat anti-hair loss serum 100ml:

  • Hair is easy to style.
  • Treats hair loss.
  • Increases hair density and length.
  • Protects hair from heat.
  • Moisturizes hair to the ends.
  • Treats frizzy hair.

Ingredients of Nano Treat anti-hair loss serum 100ml:

Caffeine. Argan oil. Jojoba oil. Olive oil. Almond oil. Biotin. Vitamin B. Keratin. Hair strengthening vitamins.

How to use Nanotreat hair serum:

Nanotreat Serum is used on the hair once or twice a day, as it is used on the hair before using any of the heat treatment methods

Warnings of using Nano Treat anti-hair loss serum 100ml:

  • Consult a dermatologist before using the product if you have a medical condition or disease.
  • Do not use Nano Treat Hair Serum if its seal is missing or broken.
  • Store away from heat or high temperatures.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Nano Treat anti-hair loss serum 100ml:

  • To purchase Nano Treat anti-hair loss serum 100ml, contact us via the website or contact our customer service hotline 19004 for requests or inquiries, and they will provide you with more details.
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