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Paramol cones

6.00 EGP

  • Paramol / Paracetamol
  • Analgesic and antipyretic
  • 5 cones
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This medicine can be used to treat several conditions that affect children, including:

  • The suppository is used as a pain reliever associated with teething or sore throat.
  • This medicine lowers the temperature and treats a fever.
  • The suppository is used to treat throat pain.
  • Cold and flu.

Side effects of using Paramol suppository:

  • Usually, in case of correct use and adherence to the doctor’s instructions, there are no side effects of using this medicine.
  • Rarely, redness or itching of the skin may occur.
  • How to work Suppository Paramol.
  • It is first broken down in the liver.
  • Then it is extracted through the urine.

Dosage for Paramol Suppository:

  • Do not use the medicine for children less than three months after consulting a doctor.
  • The dose used for children from the age of (4-11) months is one suppository three times a day.
  • When the weight of the child is not proportional to his age, the dose will be determined according to the weight by the pharmacist or doctor.

Precautions for using Paramol suppository:

  • It is advised not to use any other medicines containing paracetamol during the period of drug use.
  • The suppository used is not broken.
  • The suppository is used for 3 days only, and in the event that the child does not improve, please consult a doctor immediately.
  • If any symptoms of a skin allergy appear, stop using this medicine for the child and refer to the doctor immediately.
  • Keep the suppository in the refrigerator.

What is the way to use Paramol suppository?

  • A drop of water is placed on the pointed end of the garment.
  • Consider inserting the pointed tip into the child’s anus.
  • You should continue to apply pressure on the rectum for a few seconds to ensure the suppository stays in its proper place.

Contraindications to the use of Paramol suppository:

  • It is contraindicated for children who are hypersensitive to paracetamol.
  • It is contraindicated for children with impaired kidney or liver function.