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Brand: Sanosan

Product: Sanosan Breast Cream

Size: 50ml

Country of origin: Germany

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Sanosan nipple salve cream 50ml

Pure natural lanolin. It was specially developed to soothe sensitive and sensitive nipples.

Sanosan Mama Nipple Ointment is made with 100% pure natural lanolin and has been specially developed to soothe sensitive and sore nipples. Perfect during pregnancy and lactation! The ointment does not contain colorants or fragrances

Advantages of Sanosan nipple salve cream 50ml:

  • It is a natural compound of pure lanolin that is hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial.
  • Apply a thin layer to the nipple and areola between feeding times.
  • Rapidly absorbing, it penetrates the outer layers of the delicate skin of the nipple and treats it from cracks and infections.
  • It does not harm the baby’s stomach and does not cause cramps, so there is no need to remove the remnants of the cream from the nipple or wash the breast before feeding.
  • The country of origin of the Sanosan brand in Germany.
  • The product has been tested by doctors and mothers.
  • The product is licensed by the Ministry of Health.
  • Sanosan products have been physically tested.
  • Parents around the world trust Sanosan for gentle cleansing and caring for the delicate skin of babies and moms.
  • Each Sanosan product contains combinations of ingredients specially developed for pregnant women and children that are important for skin health.
  • Our products are clinically tested and exclusively manufactured in Germany with the utmost care and responsibility.

Recommended by:

German National Committee for Breastfeeding.
Federal Institute for Health Risk Assessment.
Ingredients of Sanosan Cream for cracked breasts.
Composed of pure natural lanolin.

How to use Sanosan nipple salve cream 50ml:

Wash your hands before using nipple ointment. Squeeze a pea-sized amount of nipple ointment from the tube and warm it between your fingers. Once the ointment has softened, apply it carefully to the nipple and areola between feeds and massage gently. For optimum protection, the nipple should be covered with nipple ointment at all times between feedings.

Cautions for using Sanosan nipple salve cream 50ml:

  • Consult a dermatologist before using the product in case you suffer from a specific disease or medical condition:
  • Do not use Sanosan Breast Cream if its seal is missing or broken.
  • Store away from heat or high temperatures.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


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