SVR Sun Secure Blur Crème SPF50+

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SVR Sun Secure Blur Crème SPF50+

379.00 EGP

  • Production of SVR, France.
  • Bottle of sunscreen cream.
  • Protects against UVA and UVB.
  • Forms a physical barrier in the skin to filter sunrays.
  • Repairs the damaged skin.
  • Invisible, not greasy.
  • SPF50+.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.


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SVR Sun Secure Blur Crème SPF50+ is a great sunscreen product that protects your skin against harmful sunrays and forms a skin barrier to reduce the penetration of the rays to the minimum.

It enhances the renewal rates of the damaged skin cells, which happens due to the exposure to the sun light.

The crème is very water-resistant, drying-towel resistant, and swear resistant, to provide optimal protection.

It will protect your skin against skin cancer, pollutant particles, environmental hazardous factors.

SVR Sun Secure Blur Review:

  • SVR Sun Secure Blur Crème SPF50+ provides the highest sun protection factor, if after 5 minutes of sun exposure your skin is burned, then by a single swap of this sunscreen it will keep your skin protected for at least 4 hours!
  • It delays the burning time by controlling and preventing the harmful sunrays from penetrating your skin.
  • This doesn’t help you only from sunburn, it also makes your skin protected against skin cells alteration, which may cause skin cancer.
  • Exposure to sun light, means exposure to UV rays, there are mainly two types, UVA and UVB.
  • UVB is basically causes skin cancer and sunburns as it mainly affects the surface skin layer. It can also damage the DNA of the skin cells.
  • UVA is also a dangerous type of rays; it represents almost the whole of the sunrays (95%).
  • UVA may cause skin cancer, it causes wrinkles, early aging signs (premature aging), and dark spots.
  • This sunscreen will prevent those harmful rays from penetrating your skin for up to 4 hours after the first swap and helps your skin to avoid all of the harmful effects.

Usage Instructions of SVR Sun Secure Blur Crème SPF50+:

  • Add an adequate quantity of the sunscreen to evenly cover the skin area exposed to the sun.
  • Repeat addition preferably every 2 to 3 hours depending on your type of activity.

Warnings of SVR Sun Secure Blur

  • If you’re suffering from any specific dermatological condition, consult your dermatologist first.

SVR Sun Secure Blur Crème SPF50+

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