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Top Hair Ampoules

250.00 EGP

  • Production of Infinity Clinic Pharma, Egypt.
  • 10 Ampoules to increase hair thickness and volume.
  • Reduces hair loss rate.
  • Provided with numerous vitamins and natural extracts that stimulate the rate of hair growth.
  • Activates hair follicles to produce new hair.
  • Provides hair with rich nourishment for fast & strong hair growth.
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Top Hair Ampoules for hair loss are rich in natural extracts that provide hair and scalp with nourishing proteins that help to re-grow and regenerate hair.

It contains many ingredients that stimulate blood circulation and increase the ability of the sebaceous glands to nourish hair and scalp in an incomparable way.

The ampoules contain Pro-Vitamin (Panthenol), which is completely nourishing for hair

It cleans the hair and purifies it from accumulations of grease and pollutants.

It contains the extract of Argan oil that thickens, softens, and moisturizes hair.

It contains biotin, which renews hair cells, increases its growth rate and reduces the rate of hair loss.

The anti-hair loss Ampoules contain a lot of other nutrients that will be discussed in details.

Properties of Top Hair Ampoules – Anti-hair Loss Treatment:

  • In order to understand the importance of the anti-hair loss Ampoules, we must learn some information about the hair growth cycle.
  • There are four stages of hair growth: anagen, regressive, telogen, and exogen.
  • During the Anagen (growing phase), hair production begins for the first time, and this stage lasts from two to five years.
  • Afterwards, this stage ends and the following stage begin.
  • During the Cataqgen (regression phase), the hair follicles shrink, the hair separates from the follicle and settles in the scalp.
  • Then, its growth rate becomes slower; this phase lasts about 10 days.
    – About 5% of the hair is at this stage.
  • During the Telogen (stabilization phase), this phase lasts for 3 months, as the hair stabilizes and stops growing, but does not fall out.
    – Hair follicles begin to form new hair.
    – 10% to 15% of the hair is at this stage.
  • During the Exogen (shedding phase): Old hair begins to fall out at a rate of 50 to 100 hairs per day for healthy hair.

– This phase lasts approximately two to five months.

– Hair loss increases during combing, styling, and any mechanical stress on the hair..

– At the same time, new hairs are formed in the follicle.

  • Top Hair Ampoules work to elongate the hair.
  • The nutritional ingredients stimulate the follicles to produce hair faster and reduce the rate of hair loss.
  • The formula contains Argan oil extract, which contains compounds called phenols.
  • Phenol strengthens hair follicles.
  • Argan oil contains antioxidants that stimulate cell regeneration and the production of new hair cells.
  • Argan oil also contains vitamins that make the scalp healthy, which supplies good nutrition to the hair, follicles, and glands.
  • Thus, Argan oil stimulates hair to grow thicker, shinier, and healthier.
  • The ampoules also contain panthenol, which is a pro-vitamin that is absorbed by the strand of hair.
  • Thus promoting the effect of vitamin B, which makes the hair volumized.
  • The ampoules contain biotin, which increases the production of keratin, and keratin is the protein component of hair.
  • Thus, it results in increasing the rate of hair growth.
  • The product contains Germ oil extract that prevents dry scalp, reduces hair loss, and prevents dandruff that can increase hair loss.
  • The last active ingredient in our formula is caffeine, which stimulates blood circulation in the scalp.
  • Accordingly it works to a better hair follicles nourishment, and thus accelerate the rate of hair growth.
  • These ampoules are rich in everything that your hair needs in order to grow healthy and strong, and increase its density and reduce the rate of its fall.

Usage Instructions of Anti-Hair Ampoules for hair:


  • Active ingredients of Anti-hair loss Ampoules:
  • Caffeine, Germ oil, Argan oil, Panthenol, Biotin.
  • For additional information on the rest of ingredients, please check the outer packaging.

Warnings When Using the anti-hair loss Ampoules:

  • If you suffer from a special medical condition, consult your dermatologist first.
  • Do not use if the cap is broken or open.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.

TOP HAIR Ampoules – Anti-Hair Loss

  • If you are having any product inquiries.
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