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445.00 EGP

Brand: meditopic nanoMel

Country of manufacture: Spain

Texture: generation

Size: 75ml

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Meditopic nanomel gel 75ml is to be more radiant as it restores self-confidence and makes you more beautiful and energetic. Because your skin is your personal interface and the first thing that is noticed, it deserves to be taken care of and give the best product that suits it.

The unique product in lightening and unifying the color of the skin and working to prevent stimulation of pigmentation formation of the skin in its new form and better results in lightening and unifying the color of the skin prone to browning and pigmentation due to daily exposure to the sun for extended periods, especially in the summer period.

Its advanced active ingredients work in an integrated manner to provide the best possible results during the first weeks of use

Meditopic nanomel gel 75ml is considered one of the best and most important lotions for treating darkening of the skin in addition to its effectiveness in unifying skin color, and its role in moisturizing the skin and protecting the skin from harmful sun rays and the unwanted effects that it leaves on the skin, especially when using the gel on a daily basis on a regular basis.

Advantages of Meditopic nanomel gel 75ml :

  • The product is made in Spain.
  • One of the most important products for treating the darkening of the skin.
  • Works to unify skin color.
  • It has an effective role in moisturizing the skin.
  • It protects from the harmful rays of the sun and its unwanted effects.
  • Brightens dark areas and evens out their color.
  • An economical volume of 75 ml is not sufficient for weeks of daily use.
  • It is used for the face and sensitive areas.
  • Ingredients for Meditopic NanoMel cream.
  • It contains vitamin C that increases its potency and efficiency.
  • Glycolic acid (alpha hydroxide) removes pigmentation and exfoliates with regular use.
  • Contains a substance that prevents the formation of melanosome (pigmentation that appears on the outer layer of the skin).
  • 1) Stimulation of keratinocytes. 2) melanin biosynthesis in melanocytes and 3) melanin proliferation and accumulation in keratinocytes.
  • NanoMEL works in these three stages of pigmentation to ensure the optimum clarifying effect. Thanks to glycolic action to eliminate pigmentation cells, kojic and vitamin C inhibit
  • tyrosinase. and other oxides. Its filtering compound reduces melanin synthesis induced by ultraviolet rays, which leads to a decrease in tyrosinase activity.

How to use Meditopic nanomel gel 75ml :

The skin is cleaned well first and to make sure it is dry
Apply a small amount of the product and make sure it is well distributed over the skin.
Be sure not to use toners or any other skin-irritating products before using the Nanomil Gel.
The gel is placed right before the bed
Pay attention to moisturizing the skin well, and it is recommended to drink 8 cups of water daily for healthy skin
The necessity to use sunblock when exposed to the sun or too high temperatures such as a stove etc., or when exposed to light on the phone for a long time.

Usage warnings Meditopic nanomel gel 75ml :

  • Consult a dermatologist before using the product in case you suffer from a specific disease or medical condition.
  • Do not use Meditopic NanoMel cream if its seal is missing or broken.
  • Store away from heat or high temperatures.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


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